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Sat, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Bike Ride

The sun. The dry roads. No snow. The combination cried out to me as I looked out my kitchen window on Christmas eve morning, the same window where I could clearly see the thermometer read about 24 degrees.

Still, despite my rule of no riding unless it is at least 35 degrees with dry roads, this was different because it's Christmas eve. Why wouldn't you want to be able to say you rode on Christmas eve? Around these parts we're usually covered in at least some snow and ice on this day. But not today. Not a trace.

I bundled up and took the Klein out on the New Berlin Trail for 20 miles. Oh there were a few patches of ice here and there, but nothing that couldn't easily be avoided.

I was actually just fine out there today, never feeling very cold at all under that bright blue sky. And the old lobster gloves rock!

Early in the ride I saw another roadie who waved to me in Underwood Parkway.

I'm not sure, but that might have been Matthew Busche, who is in his hometown for the holidays and has been posting about riding with his dad and old friends in the old hood.

The path was actually pretty busy, not with riders but joggers. Maybe some people were trying out some early Christmas gifts?

Either way it was great to just get 20 miles in today. The only thing I forgot was to tie my small wreath on the head tube of the bike, which I have done in years' past when I've been able to ride on this day.

The temp got up to about 28 degrees while I was riding. I had to laugh inside as I went down the path into a little cold wind, just remembering that I was on this very path on the hottest day in the last six years in Milwaukee this past summer.

I'll take the 110 heat index any day over 28 degrees. But on Christmas eve day I'll also take just being able to ride with no snow on the ground. In MY book every day we don't have snow just brings us closer to spring without the stuff.

Merry Christmas to all.

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