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Sat, January 7, 2012

Rough start to getting back in shape

Well it has been a rough first week on the road to getting back into living my usual healthy lifestyle after letting that all go south during the holidays.

If you have been listening to the show you know that I added a new app to my phone in the hopes it will help me called "My Fitness Pal". Now I'm not so sure I'd call this thing my pal, but it sure is interesting to see how quickly the calories add up.

My goal (and you're welcome to join along by emailing me for "Weigh-In Wednesday's on the PhilCast with YOUR weight loss progress) is to lose 10 pounds by early March. To do this I start riding my bike indoors on the trainer and eating smarter than I have been over the holidays.

Goodby Christmas long chocolates...farewell wine and champagne.

This past week of drying out has been tough on me because of the nice weather. I hate the snow and cold, so these mild winter days with dry roads are just begging me to ride outside. But not only could I not ride outside, I couldn't even ride inside either. Bad wheel this week. I've been limping around with a bout of gout in my left foot, leaving me with too much swelling and pain to ride anything but the bench.

So I was left to sitting around entering my food intake into my new app. They've got me at under 1,800 calories a day to make my 10-lb. goal. I made it the first few days, but already failed on Friday when the day ended with a late dinner out. Pulled pork and fries ain't exactly diet food, but I was in no mood to eat a salad for dinner out. I'll leave that to the rabbits.

In other news...
Again my apologies for the phoned-in show on Friday. Behind the scenes you should have seen the scramble trying to get "HBY South" back up and running as the clock ticked closer and closer to 3:00. 

When the gear we would normally use in my studio failed for some reason we went to "Plan B" in the magic rack of electronics. Of course we also then found out that "Plan B" failed as well. "Plan C" was to just phone it in.

We hope to figure out the issue this weekend when crack HBY engineer Evan visits HBY South.

I'll admit it will be sooo nice when we finally have our cape cod sold in Tosa and are all settled in for good in Appleton.

Until then we're trying our best to keep you entertained and informed in our daily three-hour chats known as the PhilCast as we shuttle the broadcasts between locations. Thanks for your patience and support.


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