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Bradford willing to do whatever it takes (Packers)

When the Packers put the pads on for the first time in camp Monday, rookie linebacker Carl Bradford was all smiles.

“It felt better than running around in your underwear,” Bradford joked. “Putting the pads on and actually getting some contact and whatnot, that’s what I am good at.  That’s what I like to do.”

The fourth round pick out of Arizona State is learning a new position in Green Bay.  As a 3-4 outside linebacker, the job duties are a little different than what he has done in the past.

“For me it’s a pretty big jump just coming from that defense where a majority of the time I was hand in the dirt rushing.  And now, I’ve got to know coverage, certain drops and whatnot.  It’s a big transition to me but I believe I am picking it up very well.”

The coverage aspect of the position is something that is completely new to Bradford.  Everything from the footing to body positioning are things he is trying to pick up.

“…the technique of it.  The right way to drop and the right way to cover a guy man-to-man.  And there’s learning it, learning certain coverages and  what I got to do on certain plays.  It was pretty difficult at first to pick up but I believe I am smart player and now I’m getting it.”

Bradford’s spot on this team, if he makes the 53-man roster, will likely be as a back-up and on special teams.  Playing at a position headlined by Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, defensive snaps will be hard to come by.  Bradford’s willing to do whatever the coaches ask.

“Anyway I can. Whether its special teams, waterboy, encouragement, leadership, anyway.  I’m just blessed to be here and be with this great group of guys.”

posted : July, 30th by WSCO

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