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Fond du Lac police face two stand-offs in one day

Fond du Lac Police dealt with two despondent men in separate incidents in the City Friday, with both being resolved peacefully. First, a 19-year-old man made threats at a nail salon, prompting an employee to call police. The suspect had…

posted 2015/08/28 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Walker: Fight with radical Islamic terrorism a ‘generational struggle’

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker laid out some of the key parts of his foreign policy strategy Friday, during a speech to military cadets at The Citadel in South Carolina. Walker, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, focused heavily on…

posted 2015/08/28 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News


Duffy doubtful Trump will be GOP nominee

A Wisconsin Congressman has doubts about Donald Trump winning the Republican presidential nomination. The New York real estate developer has been crushing other GOP hopefuls in recent polls, with some showing Trump with double digit leads over much of the…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Stepped up security measures being phased in at Lambeau Field

Some fans at Saturday’s preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and Phlidelphia Eagles game will experience heightened security. While the NFL safety policy remains unchanged, fans entering Lambeau at the Shopko Gate will become the first to use newly…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Walker shifts gun control debate to mental health issues

Governor Scott Walker is arguing Wednesday’s shooting of a TV news crew in Virginia highlights the need for improving access to mental health services. The shooting, in which a journalist and cameraman were fatally shot and a woman was injured…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Two people dead inside car that slammed into Green Bay business

Green Bay police say two people have been found dead inside a car that slammed into a business, causing a fire early Thursday. It happened around 2 a.m. at Hernandez Tire Shop on Irwin Avenue. The owner of the business…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Pocan says veto of Iran deal opposition can be sustained

Throwing support behind the Iran nuclear deal, groups rallied in downtown Madison on Wednesday to thank their congressman for his work on the issue. A House vote is expected next month on a resolution opposing the deal, and President Obama…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Pleasant Prairie man survives accidentally shooting himself

Police say a Pleasant Prairie man was airlifted to a Milwaukee hospital Thursday morning, after accidently shooting himself in the chest Wednesday evening and spending the night lying in his driveway. A neighbor spotted the 67-year-old man just before 6:30…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Walker loses ground in latest Quinnipiac poll

A new national poll has Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in sixth place, among GOP presidential candidates. Walker polled at 6% in the latest survey from Quinnipiac University. A month ago, Walker was second in the same poll, at 13%. Donald…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Wisconsin tax collections exceed estimates

State tax collections during the last fiscal year came in at about $71 million more than what has originally been projected. A report from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau this week shows the state took in nearly $15 billion during the…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Walker says China should be taken to the ‘woodshed’ (AUDIO)

Despite drawing some criticism over calls on the White House to cancel an upcoming official state visit by China’s president, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker maintained that it’s the right move to make right now. During a campaign stop in Iowa…

posted 2015/08/27 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News


Moore stands by ‘noose’ comment

Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore is standing by a controversial comment about Governor Scott Walker, in which she claimed his policies are literally “tightening the noose” around African Americans. Moore made the claim during a conference call with reporters on Monday,…

posted 2015/08/26 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

That's right, YOU take your OWN driver's license picture. Imagine that. No more DL in your wallet. In Iowa they…
posted by Philcast 2 days ago
I’ll call my first high school football game of the season tonight. I'll be at Neenah as the Rockets will…
posted by Alex Solsma 2 days ago
I'm still a bit confused as to how these two go together. But they least when it comes to…
posted by Philcast 3 days ago