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Chief wants to buy new fire truck

Appleton might have to buy a new fire truck to replace one that's out of commission for repairs.

Fire Chief Len VanderWyst says it would be in the city's long-term interests to get a 100-foot ladder truck that's already in stock, at Pierce Manufacturing. There are cracks in the box that supports the ladder on the department's existing, 14-year-old truck. It wasn't supposed to be replaced for another six years.

VanderWyst says the new truck would be an upgrade in safety, and features. He says it would meet the department's needs.

The truck would cost $920,000. The department already set aside $600,000 for a new truck, and the city would get $125,000 for trading in the old one.

VanderWyst says the city council would have to figure out where to get the remaining $200,000.

posted : July, 23rd by WHBY

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