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Wednesday's show

Tuesday, Aug, 4 2015

Mile of Music starts Thursday, but we lean towards Wednesday night as WHBY joins the Mile of Music crew for the Courtyard Concert series at the Radisson---from 5-7pm, it's Swear and Shake, a great band out of Brooklyn and Nashville!  Get there early for the best seats...

Hope to have Cory Chisel join us before Thursday's start to Mile 3, and I have a few Brewers tix to weekend games against the Cards---be listening!

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Mile of Music tix

Tuesday, Jul, 28 2015

Wednesday on the WHBY Morning Show:  Mile of Music is coming next week, August 6-9. But, there is a special kick-off concert at the PAC on Wednesday night, the 5th.  Yes, we have tix, and will begin giving them away tomorrow on the show!

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New to WHBY

Monday, Jul, 27 2015

Join us after 8a on Tuesday morning, as we introduce a special feature coming soon for WHBY listeners.

Justin Hull will be in to present a new way to catch sports shows and games on WHBY...

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Mile of Music Courtyard Concerts

Thursday, Jul, 23 2015

Last night, had a great time at the Courtyard Concert at the Radisson. The Quaker City Night Hawks from Fort Worth Texas performed---they were fantastic.  Great crowd, great drinks, good weather...

These shows go 5-7pm every Wednesday night for the remainder of the summer, sponsored by the Mile of Music crew and WHBY--we'll keep you posted on upcoming talent!

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EAA guest

Thursday, Jul, 23 2015

Today on the WHBY Morning show at about 8:40, Major John Cummings will join us. He went to school at Appleton East, and just a few days ago, flew one of two F-22 Raptors at EAA Air Venture's airshow.

Very cool moment when he landed and was met by his family!

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