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Swiss Steak

Tuesday, Oct, 21 2014

3-4 T. flour
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper
1-1/2 tsp. dry mustard
1-1/2 to 2 lbs. round steak, cut into serving pieces
1 cup sliced onions
1 lb. carrots, diced
1 (14.5 oz.) can whole tomatoes
1 T. brown sugar
1-1/2 T. Worcestershire sauce

Combine flour, salt, pepper and dry mustard.  Dredge meat in flour mixture and brown on both sides in oil in skillet.  Transfer to slow cooker.  Add onions and carrots.  Combine tomatoes, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce; pour into slow cooker.  Cover and cook on Low heat setting 8 to 10  hours or on High 3 to 5 hours.

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Cherry Dump Cake

Tuesday, Oct, 21 2014

1 box regular yellow cake mix
1 (20 oz.) can cherry pie filling
1 (20 oz.) can crushed pineapple or tidbits, undrained
1/2 cup butter, melted
1/2 cup chopped nuts

Grease a 9x13 pan.  Spread pineapple with juice in bottom of pan.  Top with the pie filling.  Spread dry cake  mix over all.  Pour melted butter evenly over top.  Sprinkle with nuts.  Bake at 350 degrees 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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Picnic Cake

Wednesday, Oct, 15 2014

1 cup chopped dates
1-1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 cup boiling water
Mix together and let cool.
1 cup sugar
½ cup Crisco
2 eggs, beaten
1-1/4 cups plus 2 T. flour
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. baking soda
Cream together cake ingredients; add date mixture and blend well.  Our into a greased 9x13 pan.
¾ cup brown sugar
¾ cup chopped walnuts
¾ cup chocolate chips
Mix topping ingredients and sprinkle over batter.  Bake at 350º for 40 minutes.

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Beef Vegetable Soup

Wednesday, Oct, 15 2014


1 to 1-1/2 lbs. ground beef

1 onion, chopped

4-6 stalks celery, chopped

1 can stewed tomatoes

1 can kidney  beans, drained

1 large container Swanson’s chicken broth

Chili powder to taste

Bag of frozen mixed vegetables (1/2 bag or more)

1 to 2 cups chopped carrots

Salt and pepper to taste

1 small head cabbage, chopped

Ground beef browned with chopped onions.  Add celery, carrots, stewed  tomatoes, kidney beans and large container Swanson’s chicken broth, chili powder.  Simmer until vegetables are tender.  Add part of a bag of frozen mixed vegetables,  salt and pepper to taste.  Add chopped cabbage last 30 minutes.

Note:  For added flavor, add Knorr vegetable dip mix, about 1/2 env.  optional.

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Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Tuesday, Oct, 14 2014


Hydrogen peroxide is a non-toxic cleaner for many areas of your home Here are 10 ways you can use that brown bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide to your home's advantage.

In your kitchen:
1. Clean your cutting board and countertop.
Hydrogen peroxide bubbles away any nasties left after preparing meat or fish for dinner. Add hydrogen peroxide to an opaque spray bottle -- exposure to light kills its effectiveness -- and spray on your surfaces. Let everything bubble for a few minutes, then scrub and rinse clean.
2. Wipe out your refrigerator and dishwasher.
Because it's non-toxic, hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning places that store food and dishes. Just spray the appliance outside and in, let the solution sit for a few minutes, then wipe clean.
3. Clean your sponges.
Soak them for 10 minutes in a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and warm water in a shallow dish. Rinse the sponges thoroughly afterward.
4. Remove baked-on crud from pots and pans.
Combine hydrogen peroxide with enough baking soda to make a paste, then rub onto the dirty pan and let it sit for a while. Come back later with a scrubby sponge and some warm water, and the baked-on stains will lift right off.

In your bathroom:
5. Whiten bathtub grout.
If excess moisture has left your tub grout dingy, first dry the tub thoroughly, then spray it liberally with hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit -- it may bubble slightly -- for a little while, then come back and scrub the grout with an old toothbrush. You may have to repeat the process a few times, depending on how much mildew you have, but eventually your grout will be white again.
6. Clean the toilet bowl.
Pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl, let stand for 20 minutes, then scrub clean.

In your laundry room:
7. Remove stains from clothing, curtains, and tablecloths.
Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a pre-treater for stains -- just soak the stain for a little while in 3% hydrogen peroxide before tossing into the laundry. You can also add a cup of peroxide to a regular load of whites to boost brightness. It's a green alternative to bleach, and works just as well.
Anywhere in your house:
8. Brighten dingy floors.
Combine half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with one gallon of hot water, then go to town on your flooring. Because it's so mild, it's safe for any floor type, and there's no need to rinse.
9. Clean kids' toys and play areas.
Hydrogen peroxide is a safe cleaner to use around kids, or anyone with respiratory problems, because it's not a lung irritant. Fill an opaque spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and spray toys, toy boxes, doorknobs, and anything else your kids touch on a regular basis. You could also soak a rag in peroxide to make a wipe.

10. Help out your plants.
To ward off fungus, add a little hydrogen peroxide to your spray bottle the next time you're spritzing plants.

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