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Ways to Stop Stressing

Friday, Jan, 29 2016

Are you a worry wart? Self magazine offers these six ways to stop your stressing:
Hop off the worry train
Just because you have an idea ("I might get fired") doesn't mean you need to ride it to its terminus. Worry can waste energy you're trying to fix every possible problem, even if none exist. Instead, think of a few tasks that will help whatever happens, like bonding with co-workers.
Plan to fret
Take half an hour to worry intensively, then move on.
Keep a journal
Jot down your worry, then in a few days or weeks, write down the outcome. What you'll find: Things usually turn out better than you think they will.
Challenge the likelihood of your worry
If your husband is late coming home and you imagine he has been hit by a bus, think about the emotion behind your worry. (You are anxious because you love him and want to keep him around.) Once you have identified the emotion at the heart of your worry and allowed yourself to experience it, see if it's a reasonable worry hint: probably not. Then let it pass rather than allowing anxiety to ruin your quiet night at home.
Peel an orange
The next time a thought threatens to snowball into a stressfest, grab an orange or grapefruit. Press your nail into the skin, peel it back and smell the citrus scent, focusing on every sensation. Rather than worry about the future, you can bring yourself into the moment.
Get nostalgic
Visualize your key life events of the past 10 years. You probably can't recall the worries linked with these experiences, or, if you can, you may see that most never happened. Tell yourself that current worries will fade from memory, too.

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Favorite Comfort Foods

Thursday, Jan, 28 2016

 Whether you're stressed or depressed, there is nothing quite like your favorite comfort food to make you feel better. So what is that go-to dish most of us prefer? Pizza. That's the word from The Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,252 U.S. adults to find out their favorite comfort food.

The top 10 favorite comfort foods:

    Ice cream
    Macaroni and cheese
    Mexican food

More facts to know and tell:

    When do we turn to comfort foods? 45 percent say when they are stressed, 43 percent say after a bad day and 33 percent say when they are depressed.
    We also turn to comfort food when we're happy. 38 percent seek out comfort food after a really good day and 37 percent eat it on their birthday.
    53 percent admit they eat more when they are stressed.
    67 percent say they use their favorite comfort food as a pick-me-up.
    66 percent say they feel no guilt after indulging in their favorite comfort food.
    Pizza is the number one comfort food for all ages except those 70 and older, who prefer ice cream.
    Pizza is the number one comfort food for both men and women. Coming in second and third for women are chocolate and ice cream, while men choose ice cream and chips in second and third place.
    When we're sick, our favorite food is soup, followed by ice cream, toast and pizza.
    When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, our favorite foods are steak, cake, pizza and lobster.

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What Worries Boomers?

Friday, Jan, 22 2016

Most baby boomers expect to live longer than their parents with a better quality of life in old age. When it comes to aging, what worries the boomers?
• 45% are deeply worried about physical ailments that will take away their independence.
• 44% are worried about losing their memory.
• 43% worry about being unable to pay medical bills.
• 41% are worried about losing financial self-sufficiency.
• 18% worry about dying.

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What Are Boomers Doing To Look Younger?

Wednesday, Jan, 20 2016

• Only one in five has had or would consider plastic surgery. Among those, the top concern is a big tummy, wrinkly eyes and a sagging chin.
• Only 5% of baby boomers say they might use the chemical Botox to temporarily smooth away wrinkles, while 17% would consider laser treatments to fix varicose veins.
• 55% of women regularly dye their hair to cover gray, compared with just 5% of men.
• 25% of women have paid more than $25 for an anti-aging skincare product, such as a lotion or night cream, compared with just 5% of men.
• 90% have tried to eat better.
• 57% say they exercise regularly and about the same number say they do mental exercises, such as crossword puzzles, to stay sharp.

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How Old is Old?

Tuesday, Jan, 19 2016

It's not 50. It's not 60. It's 70. Or maybe even 80. That's the word from an poll of baby boomers, who are not only not particularly concerned about dying, but also insist they aren't even old. Yet. 75% of baby boomers who are between the ages of 57 and 65 consider themselves to be middle-aged or younger. While young adults say 60 is the beginning of old age, baby boomers are pushing that number back. The median age they cite is 70, but 25% of boomers say old age doesn't start until 80 candles are on the birthday cake. This is what they think about growing old(er):
• Overall, they are upbeat about the future.
• They are more likely to be excited about the positive aspects of aging, such as retirement, rather than being worried about the negatives, such as declining health.
• One-third of boomers say they feel confident about growing older, which is almost twice as many who say they find it frustrating or sad.
• 16% are actually happy to age, which is about equal to the number who admit they are afraid to grow old.

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