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Happy 4th of July

Saturday, Jul, 4 2015

 Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. It is not clear who actually designed it, but the experts at the Betsy Ross House suggest it was Francis Hopkinson, a New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The flag has 13 stripes representing the original 13 colonies (7 red and 6 white). In the upper left corner is a navy blue field with 50 white stars that represents the states.

There is no official designation or meaning for the colors of the flag.

There is no record stating why red, white, and blue where chosen for the flag. However, when the Great Seal of the United States was chosen this is what was listed for them: "white for purity and innocence, red for valor and hardiness, blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice."

Folktales says that George Washington interpreted the flag in this way: the stars were taken from the sky, the red from the British colors, and the white stripes signified the secession from the home country.

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4th of July Facts

Friday, Jul, 3 2015

The Fourth of July marks our country's birthday.  On this day in 1776, the members of the Second Continental Congree met in Philadelphia, adopting the final draft of the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming our sovereignty from Great Britian.

Three U.S. Presidents, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe died on July 4th; Adams and jefferson died within hours of each other in 1826 while Monroe died in 1831.

In 1870 Congress made independence Day an official unpaid holiday; in 1938, it was changed to a paid federal holiday.

Two of our nation's great national symbols were made overseas.  The Liberty Bell was cast in England, and the Statue of Liberty in France.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are responsible for the bald eagle as the national bird; Benjamin Franklin wanted it to be the turkey.

Americans consume about 155 million hot dogs on Independence Day alone; it is the biggest hot dog holiday of the year.

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Flag Etiquette

Thursday, Jul, 2 2015

 Here are some tips to make sure your tribute is a respectful one:

    Display the flag only between sunrise and sunset on buildings and stationary flagstaffs. The flag may be displayed for twenty-four hours if illuminated in darkness.

    Do not display the flag in inclement weather.

    Whether displaying the flag vertically or horizontally, make sure the canton of stars is visible on the upper left-hand side.

    Do not let the flag touch the ground, floor or water.

    An unusable flag that is damaged and worn and can no longer be displayed should be destroyed in a dignified way by burning.

    When not on display, the flag should be respectfully folded into a triangle, symbolizing the tricorn hats worn by colonial soldiers in the Revolutionary War.

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Patriotic Trivia

Wednesday, Jul, 1 2015

1.  Virginia is the birthplace of the most presidents.  Which state is second in turning out presidents?
      a.  New York      b.  Ohio     c.  Pennsylvania

2.  Which one of these women did not appear at some point on U.S. currency? 
      a.  Martha Washington      b.  Dolly Madison      c.  Pocahontas

3.  Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner," but where did the melody come from?
     a.  An old British drinking song    b.  a British hymn      c.  Thomas Jefferson

The answers are:  
1.  b
2.  b
3.  a

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Wednesday, Jun, 3 2015

1 (5 quart) pail vanilla ice cream
1 cup green Creme de Menthe
1/2 cup white Creme de Cacao

Divide the ice cream into 2 large bowls; let sit 30 minutes to soften.  Beat in the Creme de Menthe and Creme de Cacao with a hand mixer until blended.  Pour back into the ice cream pail and freeze.  You will always have grasshoppers readily at hand.  Just scoop out what you want into a cup and enjoy.

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