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Worst Seat on an Airplane

Thursday, Aug, 6 2015

The worst seat on an airplane is any window seat, be it in first class, business class or economy. People who sit in window seats while flying on an airplane are more likely to sit longer and move less than people in other seats, putting them at a higher risk for developing potentially dangerous blood clots in the legs, warns the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP).

It has long been thought that passengers on long-haul flights sitting in economy class were at a higher risk of developing deep venous thromboses (DVTs) -- so much so that it got the nickname "economy class syndrome."

What are DVTs? They are blood clots that usually form in the legs and become especially dangerous if they travel through the bloodstream to the lungs. Once there, they can form potentially lethal pulmonary embolisms.

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Top Restaurant Complaints

Wednesday, Aug, 5 2015

Consumer Reports surveyed 1,003 adults nationwide to find out biggest grumbles and grievances when it comes to dining out. Consumer Reports gripe-o-meter's top restaurant complaints:

    Dirty utensils or tables: 76 percent
    Dirty or ill-equipped restrooms: 73 percent
    Impolite or condescending servers: 72 percent
    Servers with a sloppy appearance or poor hygiene: 67 
    Meals or beverages served at incorrect temperatures: 66
    Meals that are not what you ordered: 62 percent
    Feeling rushed to finish or leave by the server: 61 percent
    Server removing your plate or beverage before you are
      finished: 59 percent
    Food that does not look or taste as described on the
       menu: 54 percent
    Slow service: 51 percent

Other complaints included servers who are confused about who ordered what, servers who do not bring water to the table, other diners talking or texting on their phones, loud diners, tables place too close together and either too much or not enough nutritional information on the menu. We are also annoyed when we have to wait 15 minutes past a reservation time and when gratuities of 18 percent or more are automatically added to the check.

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Foods You Shouldn't Refrigerate

Tuesday, Aug, 4 2015

Open your refrigerator. If you see onions, tomatoes or garlic, take them out now. While we tend to toss all our fruits and veggies in the fridge, some don't belong there. Why? The frigid temperatures can actually make them go bad. Yahoo! Food has identified five foods you shouldn't refrigerate:

1. Tomatoes
When red, juicy tomatoes are stored in a refrigerator, they tend to become a mealy, flavorless mess. Instead, place tomatoes in a pretty bowl on your counter or line them up on the kitchen windowsill.

2. Onions
The moisture that accumulates in a refrigerator can turn onions moldy and mushy. Instead, store onions in a cool, dark and well-ventilated place in your pantry.

3. Garlic
The cold temps of a refrigerator can actually cause garlic cloves to sprout -- or become rubbery and moldy. Like onions, store garlic in a cool, dark and well-ventilated place in your pantry.

4. Potatoes
if potatoes are stored in the refrigerator, the starch in them will rapidly turn into sugar and that causes them to become gritty with a flavor that just isn't right. Instead, store them in a paper bag in a cool, dark place.

5. Unripe fruit
Unripe peaches and nectarines, among others, won't soften and become edible if you store them in the refrigerator. Instead, place them in a bowl on your kitchen counter or as a centerpiece on your table and allow them to ripen at room temperature. Then either eat them immediately or store them in the fridge for a day or two so they don't get moldy.

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Women Are Really From Venus

Monday, Aug, 3 2015

From AARP Magazine

Research into men's and women's brains finds men have more connectivity front to back, while women have more connectivity between the two hemispheres. That helps explain why men are better at performing a single task and women have better multitasking and social skills.

Men are better at:

    Learning to surf at 60.
    Assembling furniture.
    Beating their beloved grandson at the video game "Need for Speed"
    Yes, reading maps.

Women are better at:

    Finding the solution to a workplace problem that satisfies four colleagues.
    Following direction on their smart-phones while debating daughter's career choice.

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Common and Unusual Items Left On A Plane

Friday, Jul, 31 2015

Skyscanner surveyed more than 700 travelers to find out what they've forgotten in their haste to deplane. While most items can be recovered or replaced easily enough, some things are irreplaceable, regardless of the cost. A lost wedding ring or a child's favorite toy can cause much regret and angst.

The top 10 most unusual items left on a plane:

    Wedding ring
    Stuffed mouse
    Top hat
    False teeth
    Canvas painting
    A child's dental brace

The top 10 items most commonly left on a plane:

    Book: 18 percent
    Mobile phone: 9 percent
    Magazine or newspaper: 8 percent
    Clothes: 8 percent
    Glasses or sunglasses: 8 percent
    Headphones: 6 percent
    Passport or identity documents: 5 percent
    Camera: 3 percent
    iPad: 3 percent
    Food: 3 percent

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