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Women Are Really From Venus

Monday, Aug, 3 2015

From AARP Magazine

Research into men's and women's brains finds men have more connectivity front to back, while women have more connectivity between the two hemispheres. That helps explain why men are better at performing a single task and women have better multitasking and social skills.

Men are better at:

    Learning to surf at 60.
    Assembling furniture.
    Beating their beloved grandson at the video game "Need for Speed"
    Yes, reading maps.

Women are better at:

    Finding the solution to a workplace problem that satisfies four colleagues.
    Following direction on their smart-phones while debating daughter's career choice.

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Common and Unusual Items Left On A Plane

Friday, Jul, 31 2015

Skyscanner surveyed more than 700 travelers to find out what they've forgotten in their haste to deplane. While most items can be recovered or replaced easily enough, some things are irreplaceable, regardless of the cost. A lost wedding ring or a child's favorite toy can cause much regret and angst.

The top 10 most unusual items left on a plane:

    Wedding ring
    Stuffed mouse
    Top hat
    False teeth
    Canvas painting
    A child's dental brace

The top 10 items most commonly left on a plane:

    Book: 18 percent
    Mobile phone: 9 percent
    Magazine or newspaper: 8 percent
    Clothes: 8 percent
    Glasses or sunglasses: 8 percent
    Headphones: 6 percent
    Passport or identity documents: 5 percent
    Camera: 3 percent
    iPad: 3 percent
    Food: 3 percent

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Overused Resume Buzz Words

Thursday, Jul, 30 2015

If you're looking for a job and want to stand out from the crowd, don't describe yourself as "effective" or "motivated." But most of all, don't say you're "creative." Why? Everyone else uses those words. LinkedIn combed its 135 million member profiles to find the most overused buzzwords professionals in all industries use to describe themselves and their work. Here are the top 10 most overused resume buzz words:

    Extensive experience
    Track record
    Problem solving
    Communication skills

Since competition for the best jobs is fierce, you should craft your online profile or resume so it stands out. That means using words others do not. Instead of describing who you are and what you have done in vague and meaningless language, illustrate your unique professional accomplishments and experiences. The best way to do this is through examples that showcase your skills and achievements.

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3 Things You Can Catch From a Pool

Wednesday, Jul, 29 2015

Think a chlorinated pool is safe, sterile place?  Think again.  There are a few dangers lurking in a shared pool, whether at a gym, community center or even a fancy resort.

Here's waht you can pick up and how to protect  yourself:

1.  Diarrhea
One of the top causes of post-swim illness is a parasite called cryptosporidium whichn leads to diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea.  Symptoms can last up to 2 weeks.  The parasite ends up in thewater if feces of an infected person gets in the pool.  The bug is resistant to chlorine.
How to protect yourself:  Don't swallow contaminated pool water or touch your mouth before washing your hands with soap and hot water.

2.  Pinkeye
Burning eyes, excessive tearing and redness can occur because of an allergic reaction to chlorine or an infection if the pool isn't chlorinated enough.  It can also happen if people aren't showering before swimming or urinating in the pool.
How to protect yourself:  Wear well-fitting goggles every time  you go in the pool.

3.  Hot Tub Rash
This is an itchy skin infection that can lead to a bumpy, red rash.  Chlorine can kill the germ that causes it but the warm water in a hjot tub makes chlorine break down faster.
How to protect  yourself:  Save your dip in the hot tub for the end of your peel  day, shower and change shortly after you soaf and wash your swimsuit before wearing it again.

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Tuesday, Jul, 28 2015

If you're taking Fido or Fluffy with you on vacation, advanced planning is the key to making sure you all have a good trip. Kansas State University veterinarian Dr. Susan Nelson offers the following tips:

1. Do restrain your pet in some way while traveling in a vehicle. Cats and small dogs tend to travel best in secured crates, while specialized harnesses for larger dogs help keep them strapped in the vehicle. Letting pets run loose in vehicles can be extremely dangerous because the animal can get between the driver's feet and the pedals.

2. If your pet gets nervous or nauseated during car rides, talk to your veterinarian about medications that can ease anxiety and motion sickness.

3. If you're traveling with a dog, do stop every two to three hours so he can relieve himself and get some exercise.

4. If you're traveling with a cat, leave her in her crate even when you stop at rest areas. Bring a litter box so the cat can use it inside the car during extended trips.

5. Line your pet's crate with absorbent material or newspapers in case the pet doesn't make it to the rest area or the litter box. Do pack cleaning supplies--just in case.

6. Bring a supply of tap water from your home. This is water your pet is accustomed to drinking so it can help minimize gastrointestinal issues that may result from consuming water the pet isn't used to drinking.

7. Never leave a pet in a car unattended, especially in warm or hot climates where heat stress and heat exhaustion can develop.

8. If you will be crossing state lines with your pet, do bring a health certificate issued by your veterinarian. Such certificates are required by every state. The certificates are valid for 30 days.

9. Do have identification for your pet, which should include tags and a microchip. Also, be sure to label the crates or carriers.

10. Carry a photo of your pet in case it gets lost and you need proof of ownership.

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