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Wiener Winner

Tuesday, Jun, 14 2016

Thanks to PhilCast Family member Sue for sending me this picture of a T-shirt after my discussion about losing a wiener at my cookout on Pier Day at PC SW.

I like it.

And so true.

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Trump Tile

Monday, Jun, 13 2016

Here it is....
Trump appears to a follower in the guy's bathroom tile.

Do you see it?

The story as part of the Monday PhilCast.

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Who needs a fair?

Thursday, Jun, 9 2016

Wal-Mart has an exclusive as the only outlet where you can buy THESE....

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Let's work together

Wednesday, Jun, 8 2016

On the Wed. PhilCast we'll talk about how drivers and cyclists can work together to respect each other on the road.

The sickening story from Kalamazoo, where a hit and run driver plowed into a group of riders, killing five and injuring four.

Appleton Bike Shop owner Gwen will hopefully be joining me to go over some rules of the road for BOTH sides....riders and hopefully help make the road safer.

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Helping Wildlife

Tuesday, Jun, 7 2016

Here are some links that I promised on the Monday show while interviewing Rebecca from AVES in Neenah....about how to best help injured birds or wildlife...

CLICK HERE for their site.

CLICK HERE for that great app I talked about. Download this onto your phone for free, then should you run into an emergency where birds or wildlife are injured you will have information about helpful agencies at your fingertips.

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