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Creepy or Cool?

Tuesday, Jan, 19 2016

I'll have a story on the Tuesday PhilCast about Amazon's plans to go forward with drones delivering packages of under five pounds to your door.

There are now some rather interesting details about how they plan to pull this off, and yes, it's for real and not a publicity stunt they say.

I see all kinds of problems with this, biggest of which will be people shooting these things out of the sky to see what prize they've won....a.k.a. your delivery that never gets to you!

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Remember this guy?

Monday, Jan, 18 2016

Final Pack Yak of the season today on the PhilCast with Rich Ratay.

We'll be passing out some year-end grades for a portion of the team and also talking about what we feel is needed to make next season even better.

My thoughts on that?

Hint: ->

We'll have the final Larry Chia Pet of the season and the Pack Yak Packer of the Year award to hand out.

3:00 Monday.

What a season it was.

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1993 Throwback!

Saturday, Jan, 16 2016

An old racing buddy of mine said he was cleaning up some pictures when he came across this one of me at a radio station where he too worked overnights. There it was in my email this weekend.

News Director-- WEZW, Milwaukee. 1993.

Some things never change. Note the yellow circles I have used to highlight a couple of things:

1) That's the SAME plug bell I use to this day on the PhilCast.
2) Corvettes on the wall.

Oh, and that thing in front of me at my desk is called a typewriter.

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Calling all groundhogs!

Friday, Jan, 15 2016

It turns out that Sun Prairie is scrambling to find a new "Jimmy the Groundhog" in time for the city's annual Groundhog Day celebration.

After this little guy here bit the mayor in the ear, Jimmy was released into the wild.

But now they don't have a new one to use to check for shadows.

Oh the drama.

I'll call and get the latest at the start of the Friday PhilCast.

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No winning ticket

Thursday, Jan, 14 2016

News flash--I didn't win the Powerball jackpot, and neither did PhilCast Family member Mike who won the extra ticket I bought by getting every answer wrong while playing "Yes or BS" on the show Wednesday.

But here's the good news.
I have a fool-proof way to cheer up, and I'll share it with you at the start of the Thursday show.

Also Thursday--
Nominations for the Oscars are out and I ask the question, why is a movie about a carpet leftover so popular....something called the Remnant?

And Lips LaBelle will have Hollywood news and gossip at 4:30-ish as well.

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