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GOP Debate Review

Friday, Aug, 7 2015

So I watched most of the debate last night and will open the Friday PhilCast with a few observations from a non-political talk show host.

That means I will award what I felt was the best joke, (not the biggest joke) of the night among other things.

4:30-ish it's
"HowzYer Weekend"

Also, the return of "Rascal of the Week" today.

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Pictures from Italy

Thursday, Aug, 6 2015

Brewers on HBY this afternoon, meaning the PhilCast will start a little late, about 4:30.

Meantime, I've made good use of the extra time by posting a sampling of some pictures from our trip to Northern Italy with Fox World Travel.

If you look at them while you are hungry, I apologize.

If you look at them when you are not hungry, you will be soon.


CLICK HERE to see the photos.

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Drink More Beer!

Wednesday, Aug, 5 2015

So it turns out that the fountain of youth has a head on it...

Today on the PhilCast, the story of 110-year-old Agnes Fenton of Jersey.

Her secret to a long life?

She says her doctor told her 70 years ago to drink three Miller High Life's a day.

She does.
Plus a shot of scotch.


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Celebrity ArmBEARgeddon alert!

Tuesday, Aug, 4 2015

Tune in to the Tuesday PhilCast for an ArmBEARgeddon 2015 alert with a twist.

It's a celeb alert, proving once again that the PhilCast has been ahead of the curve this summer when it comes to the unbearable bears.

Forget sharks.

Bears my friends. Bears.
You'll see.

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"Pictures From a Trip"

Monday, Aug, 3 2015

We're back safe and sound from a wonderful "Festa Cianciola II" tour of Northern Italy and all its beauty.

I'll take you there via the trip journal I kept during the 10 days on this magnificent tour with Fox World Travel and Trafalgar.

I call it "Pictures From a Trip" that I'll share on the Monday return show, as long as the jet lag doesn't kick in and I stay awake.

So hear all about our adventures today.

And if that's not for you, then I'll talk to you tomorrow with a 'regular' show.

But for Monday, we go over the adventure that was, Festa Cianciola, in a land where they knew EXACTLY how to properly pronounce my name everywhere I went.

And yes, that's a curtain made of pasta.

Mama Mia!

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