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In poor taste

Friday, Oct, 24 2014

Hey I love a joke as much as the next guy.

Heck, probably more.

But this guy who decorated his house up for Halloween to look like an Ebola site is just wrong to me.

People are dying. A lot of them.

This isn't a Halloween theme. This is just in poor taste.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 30 days ago Comment On This Post

Snoop Socks

Thursday, Oct, 23 2014

Here they are...

Snoop Dog's line of his own painted socks...


I'll be talking about this among other things on the Thursday PhilCast.

What exactly is that pattern???

Shocking that Snoop would come up with that design.

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The vodka cat

Wednesday, Oct, 22 2014

So here's "Missy", a cat that I think has used up at least one of those nine lives that people say they all have.

Missy got quite hammered on vodka, but that was the plan all along you see.

Her story will be part of the Wednesday PhilCast show.

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Halloween lights to music

Tuesday, Oct, 21 2014

CLICK HERE to watch.

This stuff used to be done just at Christmas, but I guess that's not the case any longer.

People have too much time on their hands. Impressive.

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HowzYer Weekend?

Monday, Oct, 20 2014

Coming up on the Monday PhilCast....

3-4=Pack Yak with Rich Ratay. Plenty to be happy about after a convincing win at home over Carolina yesterday, the Packers' fourth win in a row.

4-5=Segments including "HowzYer Weekend" when I ease back into the work week afternoon with some chat about the weekend. I did something I think is becoming quite rare these days. Yes Saturday night I actually...
well, you didn't think I was gonna tell you here did you? You have to listen after the 4:00 news today.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 1 month ago Comment On This Post

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