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Pictures from a trip

Monday, Apr, 25 2016

Back from a wonderful week of vacation and broadcasting on WSEA, my pretend sea shelling show on my pretend radio know, the one I am going to buy and create as soon as I win the Powerball lottery.

Today it's stories from the trip, including a couple of local Fox Valley run-ins while on the islands.

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Wanna sync with me?

Wednesday, Apr, 13 2016

Anybody want to 'sync' with me?

Coming up at the PAC on the 28th...
Please help if you can.

I'll be emcee for the auction and the lip sync challenge at B.A.B.E.S. annual fundraiser/awards banquet.

Join me in helping this great group of people working to help others in our community.

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Foul Play

Tuesday, Apr, 12 2016

There he is, the Detroit Tigers' fan who caught FIVE foul balls at one game!

That's a new personal best for this guy.

Five in one game!

It's a nice story too, because he gives them to little kids after he catches the foul balls.

I have but one good foul ball story, and it's about the time I was booed at County Stadium while at a Brewers game.

I'll have that story and more today, now that the Brewers are finished losing to the Cardinals on their opening day. Yikes, Monday afternoon was painful.

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When will they learn?

Monday, Apr, 11 2016

When are these people who work at Starbucks going to finally realize all they should write down on these cups is a name?

Customers have cameras in their phones and there's this thing called the internet where they post everything about their lives--including the idiots who write stuff like this on their coffee cups.

"Diabetes I come"

The man who purchased the drink wasn't too happy.
He has two sisters with diabetes.

He wrote that fact back on the cup along with the notation,
"Not funny."

That's one of the stories I may or may not have on Monday.

If not Monday, then Tuesday discussion for sure.

The Brewers and Cards are slated for a late-afternoon game Monday, IF it is not raining in St. Louis, which is in the forecast.

We'll see.

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"The Creepy Guy"

Friday, Apr, 8 2016

I did a little experiment this morning for a story I will have to open the Friday PhilCast show.

I did a Google image search for the two words I typed into the search box: Creepy Guy

THIS GUY came up as the first photo.

Yup, creepy.

I'd agree.

But what is it that makes you think someone is creepy?

What are the most creepy professions?

And worst question of all....
Might YOU be the creepy guy at work and not even know it?

Why do I ask?

Because according to the survey in this story, most "Creepy Guys" at work don't have a clue that they are the creepy guy at work!

We'll discuss to open the show today.

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