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ESPYS and #12

Thursday, Jul, 14 2016

Could they look any gosh-darn cuter together?

Line of the night last night at the ESPY award show had to be from Rodgers, only it wasn't THIS Rodgers.

It was the other one....and I'll have the audio during a discussion about it in PhilCast sports 5:45ish Thursday.

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"Fish Bra" is a thing

Wednesday, Jul, 13 2016

Just so you know, this PokemonGo craze isn't the only thing happening on-line this summer.

THIS is now a thing.

Fish Bra

Catch a fish.
Take your top off.
Pose for the internet.

Fish Bra

What a country.

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"The Card"

Tuesday, Jul, 12 2016

Thanks for the thanks.

CLICK HERE to go to the PhilCast Facebook fan page to see what I am talking about.

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#52 Tucker

Monday, Jul, 11 2016

There she is...

The rare find I stumbled upon at the Iola Old Car over the weekend...the #52 Tucker.

That's the owner John, a former radio station owner from Indiana, who put together what is the last-ever built Tucker, a cutting edge vehicle that was shut down by the Big-Three back in the day.

This was my pick for my favorite of all the cars I saw over my two-day visit to the show.

Hear the interview I did with John on the Monday PhilCast, slated to be the first thing I talk about.

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The lineup...

Thursday, Jul, 7 2016

--Lips LaBelle with Hollywood news and gossip after the 4:30 news.
--One of my favorite all-time PC audio clips used in today's show open at 3-ish
--A "Bear Alert"
--Two great idiot people stories
--Erin Davisson from Local 5 at 3:40ish with her Summerfest report

--Classic clips
--Depending on cell signal and timing, perhaps I'll phone in a report live from the Iola Old Car Show in the 4:00 hour.
--Rascal of the Week

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