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The Face Blanket

Tuesday, Feb, 24 2015

Well there it is, the "Face Blanket"

You're supposed to wear this at night while sleeping to keep your face warm.

It's really a thing.

Just ten bucks.

Looks more like an ISIS mask to me.

We'll discuss on the Tuesday PC.

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Best/Worst Dressed

Monday, Feb, 23 2015

So I watched the Oscars last night for a couple of reasons;

1. There was nothing else to do on a -15 degree night
2. For the clothes

Turns out Local 5's Erin Davisson and I are sisters in fashion...who knew?

So I'll wait until my segment with her today on the PhilCast at 3:35-ish to discuss best and worst dressed with her.

I have a couple of finalists for both best and worst and we'll see what Erin has to say about the glam of Hollywood last night.

I don't even know who this is to the right, but she's right up there on my 'best' list!

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All about the Oscars

Friday, Feb, 20 2015

Time for the Oscars this weekend, and we'll open up the PhilCast with some chat about the awards.

Also on the Friday show....
--The happiest states

--Something called "Cuddle Clones"

--Chadoin' This Weekend?

--ReciPIPPA the Week

--Rascal of the Week

And as they say in Hollywood, "AND MORE"!

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Thursday, Feb, 19 2015

The PhilCast broadcast booth....after I win the big Powerball and buy those radio stations, turning one into WSEA "The Sea", where I shall do my afternoon-drive sea shelling show.

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Racing and Dogs

Wednesday, Feb, 18 2015

So, what do these two have in common?

Answer is they'll both be featured as part of the conversation on the PhilCast on Wednesday.

NASCAR opens up this weekend with the Daytona 500, and PC listener "Rick the Woodbutcher" is back with a NASCAR report today.

And the Beagle, "Miss P" takes home Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club.
As you might imagine, I have a few thoughts on that topic as well.

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