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Brewers & Bears

Wednesday, Aug, 19 2015

Brewers & Bears....
I know, one is a baseball team and one is a football team (sort of...BAM), but that's the plan for Wednesday afternoon.

Brewers' baseball first, then a delayed and shortened PhilCast that includes another Bear Alert.

This time, this small dog might have saved his owner from a vicious attack.

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12 Angry Men

Tuesday, Aug, 18 2015

Maybe it was because of my segment on Monday's show about racial bias when selecting members of a jury, or maybe it was just a good movie.

Either way, I got hooked last night on this old black and white movie on TCM called,
"12 Angry Men".

Cutting edge in several ways, from the message to how the movie was shot at that time.

We'll discuss today.

My take-away from this is the power of reasonable doubt when it comes to deciding about whether a young man will live or die.

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Monday, Aug, 17 2015

I'm not a golfer. Never have been. Too difficult. Too much skill required. Too much frustration.

But Sunday I took a break from the heat outside to come into the AC and turn on my TV to catch the end of the PGA Championship.

We looked beautiful on national TV.

But it was the golfers that kept my attention.

At just 27 years old, Jason Day wins it all, holding off the 'kid' Jordan Spieth, who is five years younger than Jason.

As I watched the final three holes of the tournament I saw Spieth give Day a thumbs up as Day's putt neared the hole. Nice sportsmanship.

I saw Day start to cry even before he attempted his final shot on the green, realizing that he was about to win it all. Then I watched him cry again once he sealed the deal.

Now, normally I'd say there's no place for crying here. But that's the not the case this time. Emotion pouring out of him, Day cries because he appreciates and respects the event and his achievement. Spieth was gracious in his remarks afterward as well.

I'm no pro golf fan, but I think those of you who are have a couple of excellent young, classy ambassadors for your sport.

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I BEARly believe this one

Friday, Aug, 14 2015

On the Friday show, an "ArmBEARgeddon 2015" bear alert with a real twist.

This one is like no other I have talked about all summer long, as the summer of bears roars on.

Don't miss it....first hour of the show, right after the best part of the Packers' game last night and why I woke up on the couch this morning.

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Thanks Packers

Thursday, Aug, 13 2015

Well what do you know?
I finally got a ride in today, thanks in part to the Green Bay Packers.

How's that?

Read on at my riding blog: CLICK HERE

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