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Meeting listeners

Tuesday, Oct, 7 2014

We had a nice turnout last night at the "Festa Cianciola" listener trip informational meeting. After seeing that presentation I am even more excited about exploring northern Italy next summer with Fox World Travel.

It's always great to hear from fans and get feedback about the show. I only wish I would have had the chance to talk to more of you after the presentation.

One lady even brought me the menu at her favorite Italian restaurant in Green Bay, insisting I need to go there for some good Italian food.

And so the bookings begin for the trip.
CLICK HERE for all the info.

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The Dark Guy

Monday, Oct, 6 2014

No Packers' game on Sunday means no "Pack Yak" on the show Monday.

I will be discussing the weekend to open up the show. Then we visit with Erin Davisson from Local 5.
Then it's the 'dark guy' story.
Yes, two newspapers actually used that reference in a caption to a story! Yikes.

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The "Crotch Grab"

Friday, Oct, 3 2014

It's the new Ice Bucket Challenge.
And if it takes off like that one did, this challenge will soon mean we'll all be seeing and hearing about guys grabbing their crotches.

Here's William Shatner doing it.

This is supposed to be an effort to increase awareness for testicular cancer.

Maybe guys that start doing this should wear pink while they pose too....kill two birds with one stone.

Yes, I know what I wrote there.

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Packer Thursday

Thursday, Oct, 2 2014

PhilCast on Thursday opens with my NFL Picks Challenge against Justin Hull of the morning show.
We're now 2-2 heading into Week 5 of the NFL.

Toughest pick of the week for me?
Arizona at Denver, one of the 3:00 games on Sunday.
Arizona is one of only two undefeated teams in the league. And Denver is, well, Denver....and they're at home. If Peyton Manning can pull himself away from Papa John's commercials....

Packers' pre-game starts at 5:00 today, so it's a two-hour show.

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Think Pink

Wednesday, Oct, 1 2014

Think pink.

October is here and although I think most of us are indeed already aware of breast cancer, almost everything turns pink this month now to remind us anyway.

As I tweeted today, if you can't beat 'em join 'em.

So here's the PhilCast logo pinked up for October.

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