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Too fat to fly?

Tuesday, Sep, 15 2015

It's already happening on one airline...

Flight attendants being pulled from active duty on planes because they are too heavy.


One tidbit to add to this mix;
The story involves BMI standards, which as you know, I am no fan.

BMI=BS plain and simple, or in this case, plane and simple?

We discuss as part of the Tuesday PhilCast.

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Miss Wisconsin at Miss America

Monday, Sep, 14 2015

The Miss America pageant was held Sunday night, but as much as I love a beauty pageant, I love a good football game more. I didn't watch it.

I was glued to Cowboys/Giants in a dandy barn burner instead of swimsuits and lame answers to questions.

Miss Wisconsin, a.k.a. "Short Hair" didn't make the cut.

Miss Georgia, predictable pageant hair and all, took the tiara as you can see.

But the story of the night comes from Miss Alabama, who took on Trump, a.k.a. The Wonderfully-Haired One" when she was asked about his polling numbers.

We'll discuss in the second hour of the PhilCast Monday....

Pack Yak-Brought to you by Insta Print Plus of Appleton takes up the first hour of the show, as Rich Ratay joins me to kick off another year of yak about the Pack each week.

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Stolen Statue

Friday, Sep, 11 2015

Who does this?
Can they make it right?

As gardeners who take great pride in what we've turned our yard into since moving to the Fox Valley, Sandy and I have added a statue to our landscaping this summer.

Lots of people use statues as a focal point of the grounds.
Some use them as memorials, and such was the case in a yard in Menasha.
"Was the case" because now the statue is gone.

I took pictures of the sign that now is propped up in this beautiful yard.
The yard is now sans one very special statue, apparently stolen out of the front yard.

Not just any statue mind you.
Read the sign...

It's a little light, but it asks that whoever stole the statue please return it no questions asked.

It was named Nathaniel after a boy who died as a baby.

How sad.

Who steals a statue right out of the front yard of a home?

If the owner happens to see this or hear about my talking about it on the PhilCast and would like to give me more information I would be glad to pass it along.

I hope whoever took Nathaniel sees this sign and re-thinks what he or she did....then does the right thing and put him back where he belongs in this yard.

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Jay Cutler Jokes

Friday, Sep, 11 2015

Round two Friday on the PhilCast....more classic Jay Cutler jokes.
It IS after all Bears week.

And this is still my favorite picture of Jay.

Remember, Monday we start up with yet another season of Pack Yak with Rich Ratay, brought to you by Insta Print Plus of Appleton.

Can't wait.

It's good to have the Pack back!

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Congrats to Lawrence University

Wednesday, Sep, 9 2015

US News and World Report today released its list of the top colleges in the nation.

Lawrence ranked #57 for best liberal arts colleges in the country, tops here in the state.

My favorite time of year to stroll the beautiful campus is in the fall when the leaves and the water make a beautiful backdrop for the campus.

Take time to check it out this fall.
I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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