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Celebrating Mary Tyler Moore

Tuesday, Oct, 13 2015

On the Tuesday PhilCast we'll be talking to the man behind tonight's PBS hour-long special, "Mary Tyler Moore, a Celebration".

Steve Boetcher will be in the studio with me to chat up his latest project. Steve has been on the show a couple of times before talking about his wonderful Pioneers of Television series on PBS.

I like his stuff and tonight's special should be no different.

I'm a little young to really appreciate her work with Dick Van Dyke (oooohh, ROB!) but that hat toss in the open of the show and that newsroom with Ed Asner....I was all over that back in the day.

Listen in to my conversation with Steve right after the 4:00 news Tuesday.

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PhilCast heads to Friday Night Lights

Monday, Oct, 12 2015

  Cianciola to Provide Color Commentary for Menasha Football Season Finale’

A little bit of the PhilCast afternoon-drive radio talk show comes to “Friday Night Lights”, when PhilCast host Phil Cianciola, “The Biggest Name in Fox Cities Radio” takes to the airwaves as a color commentator for the first time ever on WHBY, Friday, October 16th.

Calling it an item he can now cross off his bucket list, Cianciola says he can’t wait to bring his unique football perspective to the booth with Marques Pfaff, who will be providing the play-by-play of the game between Menasha and Waupaca, Senior Night on Menasha’s home turf.

“Expect more grunts, groans and moans than Larry McCarren on a Packers’ broadcast,” says Cianciola.
“It’s going to be a blast!”

What: Menasha-Waupaca HS football broadcast live on WHBY radio
NewsTalk 1150

When: Friday, Oct. 16th, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Nathan Calder Stadium, Menasha, WI
Hear it on AM 1150 WHBY Radio

Why: Why not?

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Irish Wake Hearse Show?

Friday, Oct, 9 2015

No, really.
An Irish wake hearse car show is one of the things we'll be talking about during Friday's award-winning segment, "Chadoin' This Weekend?"

It takes place in our area on Saturday.

Meantime, if you;ve got an event you like us to plug during the segment just post the details at the PhilCast Facebook fan page.

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Kicked out over a pizza

Thursday, Oct, 8 2015

One of the stories I'll discuss on the Thursday PhilCast is about an 800-pound man who was kicked out of a hospital because they caught him ordering a pizza.

At some point, you've got to pull back on the pizza.

This looks like it's past that point.

Well past.

But did the hospital do wrong by him?

And now the question has become where to put him?

Seriously. His father is stumped.

We'll discuss.

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TV Theme Songs at #1

Wednesday, Oct, 7 2015

Remember when TV theme songs were a big deal?
I do.

Interesting story I saw today from Billboard, the people who have forever done the Top 100 music chart.

Only six TV theme songs have ever made it to #1 on the chart.
Why people say 'charts' when there's only one chart remains a mystery to me.

Anyway, no theme not only made it to #1 but stayed #1 longer than the theme from "

My beloved Hawaii 5-0 peaked at #4 on the Hot 100 in 1969.

You can CLICK HERE to see how well your favorite old TV show theme did on the chart.

We'll discuss/reminisce in the first hour of the show on Wednesday.

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