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Gaining 'Momentum'

Friday, Jun, 5 2015

Well there she is....

That's the 'Momentum' by Giant bike I have been telling you about on the PhilCast, now available at Gear 'n Up in Neenah.

I had a chance to take this bad boy on a little test ride the other day.

It really is a rather interesting concept for a bike, like nothing I have ridden before.

It has a cool, beach cruiser look to it, built to be the perfect ride for bombing around town.

Yet it performs like a really nice hybrid bike at the same time.

Nice rack on the back....great looking and feeling saddle...kickstand is there....old-school chain guard...a bell...and even a water bottle holder built into the frame!

Giant thought of everything for the commuter on this one.

A twist of the grip on the handle bar easily shifts you to any of the seven speeds the 'Momentum' provides you.

Looks great. Rides great. And comfy too.

Take it for a test ride yourself at Gear 'n Up.

CLICK HERE to get to their web site.

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Finally they got it right

Thursday, Jun, 4 2015

As it turns out I've gotten what I wanted all along when it comes to the downtown Appleton parking meters.

The council has finally agreed to change the enforcement hours to end at 6:00 p.m. rather than 9:00 p.m.

Good job.

Next up...
Lets get rid of the antiquated quarter-eating machines all together next and come up with a more user-friendly, 2015 option for paying for parking.

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Beard cap

Wednesday, Jun, 3 2015

They've started selling beard caps for competitive swimmers so as to cut down on drag in the water.


Here's an idea: shave.

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Duct tape on a plane

Tuesday, Jun, 2 2015

Okay, I'll admit that if I saw what this guy saw while sitting on a jet waiting to take off, I'd be a bit rattled.

He took this photo out the window of the jet and then tweeted it out to the world.

The airline read it and actually answered him about what was going on.

Turns out, that's no ordinary duct tape.

We discuss as part of the Tuesday PhilCast show.

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Monday, Jun, 1 2015

Some random guy was busted for stealing antique coins in West Virginia.

Nothing much to the story, other than the picture of the guy's mugshot that was posted with the story.

Longnecker is not only a style of beer bottle I guess.

That is all.

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