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How much 'football' will you see Sunday?

Friday, Jan, 30 2015

The Media Education Foundation analyzed last year's game, which took three hours and 23 minutes between kickoff and the end of the fourth quarter. The answer to my question in the headline of this blog is, 'not much.'

-72 Minutes:  Footage of the field where the ball is NOT in play.  Like players huddling, standing at the line of scrimmage, or just milling around between snaps.

-48 Minutes and 34 Seconds:  Commercial breaks and on-screen promotions.

-23 Minutes and 46 Seconds:  Replays.

-17 Minutes and 30 Seconds:  The actual, live game, with the ball in play.  Amazingly, that accounts for just 8.5% of the broadcast.

-16 Minutes and 37 Seconds:  "Miscellaneous" stuff, including shots of the crowd, cheerleaders, and the sidelines.

-12 Minutes and 28 Seconds:  The halftime show.

-7 Minutes and 30 Seconds:  Promotion for Fox TV shows, since Fox was hosting last year's game.

-4 Minutes and 52 Seconds:  The halftime report.

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Super Bowl Bore

Thursday, Jan, 29 2015

That picture pretty much sums up how I feel about this year's Super Bowl.

My Pack Yak co-host Rich Ratay said it best when he said something like, "Never before have I wanted there to be a way for both teams to lose the Super Bowl."

This could have, should have, been the greatest moment of the entire NFL season had the Packers been in Arizona.

Instead I am left with no real reason to even watch the game.
Seattle? Are you kidding me?
New England? Again?

Now the mystery is gone from the ads too because they're everywhere on line ahead of time, not that they are anything to write home about lately either.

I'll pass on that phony baloney so-called entertainment as well.

I guess the one good thing about 2015 Super Bowl Sunday is that it won't have any negative impact on Weigh-In Wednesday since there is no reason to sit in front of the TV snacking during a great game.

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Weigh-In Wednesday; Week 3

Wednesday, Jan, 28 2015

Report in please....
Post your Week 3 results at the PhilCast Facebook fan page or email direct....then listen at the start of the show today to see who's doing what in Week 3.

CLICK HERE to post on the PC FB page.

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The KFC Double Down Dog

Tuesday, Jan, 27 2015

There it is.

For now, this is only being tested in the Philippines.

But the question I ask...would you want it made available here in the United States?

A cheese-infused dog on a chicken bun with some sort of cheese-like goo on top.

What next?

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Pro Bowl fix

Monday, Jan, 26 2015

How to fix the NFL Pro Bowl?

--the goofy uniforms

--the goofy way they pick teams

--the goofy concept

--the goofy teammate against teammate

The whole thing is just goofy.

I think it needs to be changed, but to what? Specifically I'm not sure, but I do have a bigger-picture idea for where things need to start going to save this entire concept.

We'll discuss as part of "HowzYer Weekend?" on the Monday PhilCast.

Also, some unrest at the Miss Universe Pageant last night.

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