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Mr. Bonz

Thursday, Jul, 9 2015

Imagine driving down College Ave. and as you pull up to a stop sign you see THIS guy at the wheel of the car next to you...

It's happening in Louisville, and for the most part people are loving it.

I'll have the story of the one they call "Mr. Bonz" as part of the Thursday PhilCast.

Lips LaBelle at 4:30-ish to shoot the breeze and give up the Hollywood news and gossip as well.

And say hello to my little friend "Z-Bart", as Zak the associate producer of the show fills in for Reggie.

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Wednesday, Jul, 8 2015

For a long time I've ripped the entire idea of the Body Mass Index or BMI.

It's more unrealistic than me thinking I'll ever meet Kate Middleton.

And I LOVE this NY Times piece that Reggie the Executive Producer sent me helping to prove my point.

Which one of these figures is overweight?

BMI numbers would say ALL of them are.

I rest my case.


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It's IOLA time baby!

Tuesday, Jul, 7 2015

This will be the 43rd year of the annual Iola Old Car Show.

Turns out, I've been at a lot of them!

I started going in the late 80's and have only missed a few years.

As a classic car guy, it doesn't get better than Iola weekend, when a sleepy little town turns into the host of one of the nation's largest car shows of the season each year.

We'll talk more about the show with the editor of Old Cars Weekly this afternoon at 4:30-ish on the show.

CLICK HERE for their web site.

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Bubble (wrap) burst?

Monday, Jul, 6 2015

Could it be that this time-honored tradition is falling by the wayside?

Who doesn't love to pop bubble wrap?

Long after the ting inside the box that was shipped to you has worn out, the joy of popping bubble wrap lives on.

But Monday I've got the story of the new high-tech bubble wrap the company that makes the stuff says does NOT pop.

Oh dear.

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4th of July

Friday, Jul, 3 2015

Happy 4th of July weekend....no Friday PhilCast show, as we take some time off on the legal holiday day.

I'll be back at it on Monday afternoon, that is, IF I survive being poked and prodded at the doctor's office on Monday morning. Yes, I finally got myself a doctor in the Valley and will be getting a checkup.

Expect horror stories to open the Monday show.

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