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Goofy Dreams

Thursday, Mar, 19 2015

I haven't had a weird dream in a rather long time, but I had one last night.

It was one of those dreams that woke me up, not because I was falling or being chased or anything like that.

No, this is was so random and odd.
And it involved one particular thing.

I won't mention it here, but I will be calling in the "Dream Whisperer" Dr. Reggie today in the first hour of the show to help interpret my goofy dream from last night.

Can we fit a couch in the PhilCast studio this afternoon?

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Darth Vader robs a bank

Wednesday, Mar, 18 2015

So that's weird, right?

Not every day you see Darth holding up a bank using a long gun as a weapon.

It happened in North Carolina.

Authorities are still looking for him.

Oh, the getaway vehicle of choice for a Darth Vader bank robber these days?

Chevy Suburban.

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St. Pat's Day beer trick

Tuesday, Mar, 17 2015

Tuesday it's the St. Patrick's Day PhilCast show, which will feature in part, a story about how you can impress your friends while drinking on this holiday by opening a bottle of beer with a piece of paper.

Oh yes you can.

CLICK HERE to see how to do it.

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Philling out the PhilCast bracket

Monday, Mar, 16 2015

What a weekend for the Badgers!

So here's the deal...

Today in the 4:30 segment of the PhilCast I will become a bracketologist and along with Reggie's help, we'll fill out the official PhilCast bracket game by game together.

Play along and see how you do against us.

It's all part of the fun of March Madness.

And this year, judging by the performance of a certain team from a certain America's Dairyland, this March is going to be VERY fun indeed!

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Standing up for "D"

Friday, Mar, 13 2015

In my opinion it's the best story of the week, hands down.

That's "D" and her basketball playing friends at a middle school down in Kenosha.

She has Down Syndrome and was taking part in some cheers with the school's cheerleading squad during a game.

Some of the other kids in the stands started making fun of her.

Some of the players out on the court heard it, stopped playing, and asked the teasing to stop because it's not right.

Wow, there IS hope for the youth of America after all.

I'll discuss as part of the Friday PhilCast.
(Did someone say Friday? Cue the Friday Fish Fry song!)

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