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Cinco de Mayo baby watch

Thursday, May, 5 2016

We'll have a baby report regarding the latest on Reggie the Executive Producer's adventures in childbirth today on the PhilCast.

Cinco baby or?

Also, it's the return of my chat with Lips LaBelle after a month away due to his vacation, my vacation, Brewers' games....we're finally back with Hollywood news and gossip.

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Top gadget of all time

Wednesday, May, 4 2016

"Time" magazine is out with a list of what it calls the top gadgets of all time.

All time is a pretty big category.

And the king of the hill is not surprisingly, the iPhone.

But it's the OTHER stuff on the list that interested me more, and brought back memories of the days when you couldn't live without the stuff.

One of my favorites of course, is the transistor radio.

I have my very first one still displayed in my personal collection of old radios.

It's the only one in my collection that is NOT a Philco brand.

They changed how we listened to radio, an industry that I have a little bit of a connection to over the past four decades!

The transistor radio came in 7th on the list of the all time greatest gadgets.

And while working in radio all those years, I remember writing on one of THESE as well....also on the list that I will talk about on the PhilCast Wednesday.

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End of the innocence

Tuesday, May, 3 2016

When I first heard him say it, I had hoped he was wrong.

Still, something in my head knew he was absolutely right.

It was, "the end of the innocence."

Menasha Police Chief Tim Styka stood before a throng of reporters with cameras, microphones, smart phones and laptops, there to report on the follow-up to the Trestle Trail Bridge fatal shooting.

The chief's message in part that day was that, unfortunately, this sort of thing can happen in any community, and now, for Menasha, this was the end of the innocence because it happened there.

I am a guy who believes in good over evil, even in the most trying times.

The community came together after the shooting.
It rocked us, but it didn't change our spirit.

That bridge remains a beautiful, vibrant place in the community, shared by all different types of people in different ways. The shooting didn't change that.

I myself ride my bike over that bridge quite a bit as it is part of one of my regular training rides.

Today, on this anniversary of the shooting, I will ride back to the bridge and attempt to do something there in tribute to the anniversary, the bridge, and the people who continue to make that area a wonderful gathering place despite the memory of what happened there last spring.

I'll explain when I open the PhilCast on Tuesday after the 3:00 news.

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"Potty INSIDE"

Monday, May, 2 2016

When it's time to take our little dog Gabby outside to do her business, all we have to say is, "potty outside?" and she runs to the back door ready to romp.

Recently, while waiting for that flight that never came in Fort Myers, I wondered about the service dog that was sitting with a lady near me.

As the hours ticked off, what about 'potty outside' for that little guy?

Fake grass and a fire hydrant at the pets' own potty area at airports.


I never knew.
We'll discuss on the Monday PhilCast.

Real. Local. Radio.

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Friday, Apr, 29 2016

It was a very successful night at the PAC Thursday night, raising funds for B.A.B.E.S.

I even threw down some lip sync on stage to as I called it, "Set the bar low for the teams competing."

Thanks to all those who bid in the auction I called.

All in all a fun night.

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