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TV anchor fired

Thursday, Mar, 31 2016

This is Wendy Bell.

She is a TV news anchor who has a long list of big awards to her credit.

She has been a staple on a Pittsburgh station for a long time.

She was fired this week because of something she posted on Facebook.

I myself, being a long-time member of the media in Wisconsin, find these cases fascinating.

What did she write?
Did it merit getting fired and throwing her career upside down?

I'll tell you the story, then exchange my thoughts on it with our own long-time TV news anchor, Erin Davisson from Local 5 today in the first hour of the PhilCast.

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World's most stupid selfie

Wednesday, Mar, 30 2016

Here it is....
The world's most stupid selfie that really isn't even a selfie.

This is the EgyptAir hijacker and the Brit dude who thought it would be a good idea to get a selfie with this idiot before authorities cleared the jet.

A) It's not really a selfie because a flight attendant actually took the photo

B) Again I ask, as I did on the Tuesday show when I first talked about this story, how did that guy walk onto a jet wearing his fake bomb outfit?

C) Who's the bigger idiot here?

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Opening Day Tickets

Tuesday, Mar, 29 2016

Coming up on the Tuesday PhilCast, I'll give away a pair of tickets to Opening Day at Miller Park on Monday.

You'll be sitting right there on the first-base line to catch all the action.

All you have to do is be my contestant and correctly name the mystery voice I will play for you on the show.

Be listening Tuesday Brewers' fans.

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Happy Dyngus Day!

Monday, Mar, 28 2016

Indeed, Monday the PhilCast celebrates Dyngus Day, a Polish tradition otherwise known as "Wet Monday", the day after Easter Sunday.

Boys throw water at the girls they like, then slap them with pussy willow branches.
(Google it if you don't believe me Anderson Cooper)

What I did not realize is that tradition has it the girls get their shot at us guys tomorrow, when it's the Tuesday version of Dyngus Day.

Either way, it's just fun to say Dyngus Day.

Of, and here is the picture of the Woof Wash nonsense I saw in an infomercial Saturday night on some obscure TV channel at PhilCast SW. The story on the Monday PhilCast.

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Hoppy Easter

Friday, Mar, 25 2016

Happy Easter to the PhilCast Family.

The PhilCast returns live on Monday, "Dingus Day"!

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