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Weigh-In Wednesday bigger and better

Wednesday, Jan, 8 2014

Thanks to my friends at Lake Park Swim and Fitness for sponsoring this year's "Weigh-In Wednesday's" on the PhilCast....my annual quest for us to lose some winter weight and get in better shape between New Year's and Easter.

All listeners who jump on board and report in from time to time to check in on how they are doing will be eligible for a nice prize...a full year's membership at Lake Park. And heck, if you play along and don't live in the Valley, we'll take care of you with some PhilCast gear if your name is drawn when we conclude on the week before Easter.

Lets do this together and have some fun along the way if we can. I think it helps to be accountable....so be accountable to PhilCast Nation. Drop me an email....post on our Facebook fan page on Wednesdays or even call during the segment to report in. Wednesdays right after the 3:00 news.

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A vending machine burrito

Wednesday, Jan, 8 2014

Would YOU do it?

Would you buy and eat a burrito from a vending machine?

On the Wednesday PhilCast I have a story about the new burrito-dispensing machines that even include toppings.

Yeah, sour cream with my vending machine burrito.
Good times.

I think it all sounds disgusting and can't imagine ever eating this.

But that won't stop us from imagining what a talking burrito vending machine experience would be like.

Hear it on the show today in the 4:00 hour.

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Car wash?

Tuesday, Jan, 7 2014

I'm a little confused as to who would get a car wash when the temp is -17 with a wind chill in the mid-minus 40 range.

And you can hear that surprise in my voice when I had the idea to call a local car wash in Appleton during the show on Monday.

Here's the promo:

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One last Yak

Monday, Jan, 6 2014

Well, it's one last Pack Yak on the PhilCast Monday afternoon.

What a game. What a season.

Pack Yak Packer of the Game, plus the Golden Yakie...the player of the season to be named today when Rich Ratay and I wrap things up at 3:00-ish.

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Are you ready for "Frigid Monday"

Friday, Jan, 3 2014

Now the high temp for Monday has been lowered again?

The high temp Monday will now, they say, be 14 below zero.

How does anything even function under those conditions?

I'd certainly prefer not to.

Lets hope our hearts are at least being warmed in the afterglow of a Packers' playoff victory that day anyway.

One thing about this frigid freak fest is the fact that there has been plenty of warning about it from our meteorologist friends. So it won't take us by surprise. Still, there are things you can do to protect yourself, your home and your vehicles in these extreme conditions. Be prepared and perhaps you help avoid disaster on Monday.

So today on the PhilCast we will open up the show with a couple of interviews with experts giving us advice on what (and what not) to do in preparation for the big freeze. Tips to get your house and your vehicle through this with as little damage as possible.

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