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Special ed voucher proposal returns

A spokeswoman for a state disability organization is reacting to a proposal to expand private school vouchers to special education students. A group of Republicans introduced a bill this week, several months after it was removed from the state budget,…

posted 2014-01-21 13:05 by WHBY

Hospitals working to cut health care costs

A local organization is helping to lower the cost of health care. A report from the Wisconsin Hospital Association shows that hospitals across the state lowered costs by $46 million by improving quality. ThedaCare quality director Dan Collins says they…

posted 2014-01-21 13:04 by WHBY

Federal budget helps Wittman Airport, not EAA

A budget passed by Congress earlier this month, includes money to pay for air traffic controllers at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, but not for the facility's biggest event. EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski says the money covers the day-to-day operations.…

posted 2014-01-21 13:03 by WHBY

G.B. police look into 'suspicious death'

Green Bay police are investigating what they're calling a "suspicious death" on the city's westside. Officers were called to the 500 block of S. Fisk Street, just after 9:30 a.m. They're not releasing any details, but they say it's an…

posted 2014-01-21 13:02 by WHBY

Pantry hands out more food in 2013

A local pantry had a big increase in the amount of food that it handed out last year. The totals for the St. Joseph Food Program in Menasha were up 16 percent, to more than 3.2 million pounds. Karen Ziemke…

posted 2014-01-21 13:01 by WHBY

Weather can cause problems for railroad tracks

The state's railroad commissioner says whenever there's extreme weather, it can have an affect on the railroad track system. A train derailed in southeast Wisconsin over the weekend, because of a broken track, and investigators are trying to figure out…

posted 2014-01-21 13:00 by WHBY

Community gathers for MLK Day

Several hundred people got together in Appleton last night to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Sabrina Robins won the annual Unity in Diversity Award, during the event at the Lawrence University Memorial Chapel. She looked…

posted 2014-01-21 05:05 by WHBY

Ribble surveying people on top issues

The public can weigh in on what Congress should focus on during 2014. Congressman Reid Ribble is asking people in his district to take a survey, to tell him what they think his priorities should be. The Sherwood Republican says…

posted 2014-01-21 05:04 by WHBY

Shiocton, police investigating school list

Shiocton school leaders and sheriff's deputies are investigating at least three students, after a list surfaced with the names of students and teachers that they don't like. Sup. Nichole Schweitzer says when they found out about it, they took appropriate…

posted 2014-01-21 05:03 by WHBY

Appleton has rules for cell phones, tests

Appleton schools don't take cell phones away from students during exams, but they aren't allowed to have them out either. A school district near Madison recently started confiscating student phones, during tests, after reports surfaced of students using them to…

posted 2014-01-21 05:02 by WHBY

Study raises concerns about strontium in water

A UW-Green Bay professor is raising awareness about a naturally occurring metal that could impact people with private wells. Associate professor John Luczaj says strontium is in the groundwater, in some parts of Outagamie and Brown counties. He says if…

posted 2014-01-21 05:01 by WHBY


Ribble commemorates MLK Day

A northeast Wisconsin lawmaker helped serve meals to the less fortunate today, as part of his annual Martin Luther King Day tradition. Congressman Reid Ribble spent some time at the St. Joseph food pantry in Menasha this morning and then…

posted 2014-01-20 13:05 by WHBY

I don't know what Jesus actually looks like, but I imagine him to look just like Robert Powell did in…
posted by Philcast 1 day ago
CLICK HERE to watch the video. It says it all. I'll be talking about the story of a homeless man,…
posted by Philcast 2 days ago
Um, who won again? Who won bragging rights as the champ of this year's PhilCast Bracket Challenge? As the song…
posted by Philcast 3 days ago