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Duct tape on a plane

Tuesday, Jun, 2 2015

Okay, I'll admit that if I saw what this guy saw while sitting on a jet waiting to take off, I'd be a bit rattled.

He took this photo out the window of the jet and then tweeted it out to the world.

The airline read it and actually answered him about what was going on.

Turns out, that's no ordinary duct tape.

We discuss as part of the Tuesday PhilCast show.

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Monday, Jun, 1 2015

Some random guy was busted for stealing antique coins in West Virginia.

Nothing much to the story, other than the picture of the guy's mugshot that was posted with the story.

Longnecker is not only a style of beer bottle I guess.

That is all.

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Your most-missed TV show

Friday, May, 29 2015

When it went off the air you were crushed, a hole left in TV-watching routine that could never be replaced.

We've all felt it.

We've all invested in a show for years only to be saddened when we heard the news that it was canned.

It feels like you're losing touch with friends you made, characters that, for whatever reason you related to and enjoyed watching each week.

I saw a list today of the most-missed TV shows, which I will discuss on the Friday PhilCast.

I thought about this list and came up with a rather unique show I believe I was most upset about being canceled. "Ed" on NBC.

Big-city lawyer loses his job and his wife...leaves the big city...moves to his small hometown...falls in love with a HS crush and buys a bowling alley.

Why this show?

I'll discuss.

Your choices are welcome...gimme a call today when I open the show with this list.

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National Hamburger Day

Thursday, May, 28 2015

Today, May 28th, is National Hamburger Day.

That can only mean one thing;

We need some place to deliver some hamburgers to the PhilCast studio today to celebrate this monumental occasion.

I'll eat a light lunch in anticipation of someone doing the right thing between 3:00 and 6:00 today.

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Tuesday, May, 26 2015

Today on the PhilCast, we'll talk about a local organization that has been helping families in our area for over a decade, yet you may not have ever heard of them.


One of the directors joins me at 4:30 today to talk about the types of services they provide for families in need in our area.

I recently found out about them when I was asked to be an auctioneer at their annual fund raising banquet with LeRoy Butler. I was so impressed that I wanted to share more info about them with you. We'll do that at 4:30-ish on the Tuesday show.

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