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Mr. Sad Face

Wednesday, Nov, 19 2014

All he wanted was some fast food at a drive-thru in Florida...

Sure it was closing time.

Sure he was on a bike.

Sure he was drunk.

But what happened to lead to this, what could be the saddest mug shot of all time?

It's one of the stories I'll have on the Hump Day PhilCast.

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You in?

Tuesday, Nov, 18 2014

Yup, that's one of the stops we'll be making on next year's "Festa Cianciola" listener trip.

And there is still time to sign up to come along.

Today at 4:30-ish we'll talk to Toni Roland from Trafalgar Tours about some of the special things we have planned for our group on this trip.

CLICK HERE to see all the info about our adventure.

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How to avoid a head cold

Monday, Nov, 17 2014

This weather is throwing me off.

It's too early for it to be this cold outside.

And now over the weekend, a coating of white which, with these temps, isn't going anywhere for a while either.

I spent the weekend drinking a lot of fluids while I try to fight off a head cold I have felt lurking for a week now. So far I'm winning the battle.

Today on the show I'll go over a list of a couple-dozen things they say you can do to prevent catching a head cold.

Many of them are hogwash I think....but there are a few in there that I am buying into. We'll discuss in the 4:00 hour of the show, after Pack Yak in hour number one.

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Black-faced Santa for the Dutch

Friday, Nov, 14 2014

So this is Christmas for the Dutch?

Zwarte Piet

Racism or time-honored tradition?

I'll discuss on the Friday PhilCast.

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Stage is set

Thursday, Nov, 13 2014

So last night the PhilCast team met with the Outer Edge Stage team in Appleton to talk about the setting for "It's a Wonderful Life" LIVE on the show on Friday, Dec. 12th.

That's Aubrey with Outer Edge working out some of the many details involved in making an old-fashioned radio play happen over the air.

It was actually my first time at the Outer Edge Stage.

From the instant I walked in the front doors and saw that stage I knew it was going to be the perfect venue for this mammoth event!

I want to thank the Outer Edge for hosting us.

  That's Steve "Brownie" Brown and Mike "Steely" Steele    of our engineering department going over some of the many technical aspects we have to make sure are covered.

 Not only do we have to make sure the theater and actors can hear everything well, the broadcast of the show has to be perfect.

 No small task.

 Steve at Outer Edge will be mixing the entire production from a big mixing board at the back of the room, sort of like the way you see bands have a sound guy set up behind the scenes making sure we all hear what we need to.

And of course my right hand man 'Reggie the Executive Producer' was on hand to coordinate things as well.

Remember to spread the word that anyone is invited to the live old-time radio PhilCast on Friday, Dec. 12th from 3:00 to 5:00. Come sit and watch for as long as you'd like.

There are no tickets to purchase.

Your entry fee will be a donation to St. Joe's Food Program.

They will be on hand to collect non-perishable food items, cash, check or credit card donations at the door.

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